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Lil' hoopsters registration is closed for the season.

Call Recreation department @ 908-689-3600 x136 for more details.

Lil' Hoopsters registration is now Closed as we are full up!





When does the season start?

Signups are in October and practices begin as soon as gym space is available in late November or early December.

Where are practices held?

At Washington Borough schools, the Warren Hills High School or Middle School, as gym space permits.

What days of the week will we practice and play?

Practices and games are held during the weekday evenings.  The schedule is set and distributed as soon as possible.

What happens if the school where a practice or game is scheduled is closed for some reason?

The game, or event is cancelled. If it's a game the coaches will be incontact with the parents to set up a make up game.


What equipment do I need to provide and where can I get it?

Starting with safety, if you wear braces, consult your orthodontist about protective mouthgear.  If you wear eyeglasses, consult your optometrist to determine if they are appropriate to wear during sports. 

Any medications, such as asthma inhalers, should be discussed with the coach as to how and when to be used.

Wear comfortable, supportive sneakers with laces.

Wait for the coach to advise you about bringing water. Some gyms do not permit water bottles, but provide nearby drinking fountains.

 Are there any local clinics for players or coaches?

Information about local skills clinics or other resources are distributed before the season starts.

Who can I call to become a coach or if I have more questions? 

TBD is our liaison for youth Basketball. Please contact xxxxxxxxxxx for information

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