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Frequently asked questions



 Registration for Session 4 (Summer 2014) is now open!! Class starts May 2nd!

Our karate program is taught by Golden Rule Karate & Fitness, which is located in Oxford.  The style of karate being taught is Isshinryu.  All instructors are certified Isshinryu Black Belts.

What ages can participate in Karate?

This program is best suited for children ages 5 thru 12 but any age is encoraged to participate.  

 When do the classes take place?

There are 3 -4 ten-week sessions for karate, one in the Fall, Winter and Spring.  Please see our separate schedule on the website for exact dates.

What days of the week will classes take place?

Classes are held on Friday evenings from 6:30 to 7:30.  Classes in the Fall, Winter and Spring are held in the Taylor Street School cafeterial. In the event of a scheduling conflict (winter and spring) or inclement weather (summer), parents will be notified that class will be held at Golden Rule Karate & Fitness rather than losing a day.


What happens if the school where a session is scheduled is closed for some reason?

The session will be held at the Dojo and the facilitator will contact the parents.


What equipment do I need to provide and where can I get it?

Starting with safety, if you wear braces, consult your orthodontist about protective mouthgear.  If you wear eyeglasses, consult your optometrist to determine if they are appropriate to wear during sports.   T-shirts are provided by the Borough.  Gi pants must be purchased from the instructor for approximately $10.00.  Please wear sneakers for the summer session. 

 What if I miss a class?

Missed classes can be made up at Golden Rule Karate & Fitness in Oxford during their normal class schedule.  Please see your instructor or call Golden Rule Karate & Fitness at (908) 453-2129 to schedule a make-up class.

Who can I call if I have more questions?
Ths current contact for Karate is Danni Steiner, who can be reached at (908) 451-7845 or steiner24@verizon.net




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